Why Athletic Golf

Pete Dunham   The name and logo, Athletic Golf became official in the fall of 2005. I have been teaching for 20 years, and over the last 16 have been developing the system I now call “Athletic Golf”.

I became very frustrated with traditional teaching methods after my first two years of being a golf instructor. It was evident that my students were happy to learn lots of information and swing positions and equally evident that they weren’t improving at the rate I thought possible. It was also clear after two years of research into the swing mechanics that my game was suffering.
It was at that point that I began looking for a new way to help students improve their golf. I realized that my game got me to the professional level not by understanding the swing (I didn’t know much about the swing until I began teaching and reading), but by learning the game in an Athletic way. It dawned on me that I instinctively stayed out of golf swing conversations and got into playing the game and imitating my favorite golfers…. It was this hindsight that allowed me to see most Athletes learn other sports by playing and imitating! Most of us learned sports vastly different than we are expected to learn golf. I began wondering if it was possible to learn golf as a sport...
Pete Dunham teaching
Now the search was on. Were there methods out there that could help golfers play better golf without thinking so much about so many things in their golf swings? Continued research revealed to me that many instructional books had small segments that were very Athletic in nature, and I could pull those pieces out and leave the rest on the bookshelves…. I realized that many sport psychologists spent their time with golfers trying to get them more Athletic and trusting, more Athletic and on the target, and away from the mechanics… And I found a few teachers out there truly teaching methods that help golfers free themselves from so much thinking. I have taken these ideas and more to develop my own system called Athletic Golf.

Athletic Golf is based on research, based on the principles of physics and the teachings of the best instructors, sport psychologists and educators in the world.

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Gravity Golf

Athletic Golf incorporates many concepts and drills of Gravity Golf, a teaching method developed by David Lee.
I embraced Gravity Golf so much that I have taught seminars with David Lee in Florida and Georgia.  To learn more visit the Gravity Golf website or email me.
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